JRPG Breakers - Being the normal guy at day, Superhero by night

This game is still in its beta version but a lot of gamers are already playing it.

The game is set in a high school where you play as a regular student. You will then conduct investigations of some "mysterious things" happening in your town. Upon doing so, you'll get to uncover secrets and finally discover that something in danger is coming. You will then join forces with others students and fight off the enemies.

The game is quite unique compared from other game story plots. What makes this game different is that you get to experience the life of being a regular student for your character and at the same time you play as a hero by night.

The game mechanics is quite awesome as well. As a superhero, of course you will have skills that you can use to defeat the enemies. You can create combat moves with the use of your fingers while tapping the screen. Different gestures, with different combat effects.

The game has a single player mode that you can play in campaign. It'…

Ayo Rain Tale- A great indie game adventure that is touching everyone's hearts

This game is about a story of a girl's hardships about acquiring things that we take for granted in the real world. This game is somehow getting a lot of attention because of its concept of how to be sensitive about Water. Yes, water. Somehow the game developers managed to capture its audience with this very good story plot.

In this game, it will be set on a Sahara dessert. And you will to play the character for the conquest of getting water. The game is composed of good components and game mechanics where you get to move your character to pass through a specific area.

You'll have to navigate your character by climbing, jumping and crawling accross maps just to move to the next area.

Another interesting fact about this game is the other factors that you'll need to consider. Enemies that you will meet along the way, badly weather conditions and a water where you get to carry as you travel.

In this game, it's actually a combination of puzzles, mind boggling tests and chal…

Game Dev Tycoon will be officially released on January 31st

What if you can play a game where you play the role of a "game developer" where you create a game for others to play. Pretty awesome right?

What's epic about this mobile game is that, you will have an environment of being on a game development room. As a game developer, you will have a room for your workplace until you can upgrade it and get an office space. In this game, you will be a game developer and you can choose if what type of game you will create.

This game is more like based from the famous game "Sims". The only difference on this one is that you play the role of a game developer. Same usual things like customizing your room, buying items and doing some sort of other things for your character.

Another nostalgic things that you will encounter on this game is about the famous things that happened in the gaming history on the old times. From consoles, to the type of how different games are being developed, this is indeed a very exciting game.

If you are …