JRPG Breakers - Being the normal guy at day, Superhero by night

This game is still in its beta version but a lot of gamers are already playing it.

The game is set in a high school where you play as a regular student. You will then conduct investigations of some "mysterious things" happening in your town. Upon doing so, you'll get to uncover secrets and finally discover that something in danger is coming. You will then join forces with others students and fight off the enemies.

The game is quite unique compared from other game story plots. What makes this game different is that you get to experience the life of being a regular student for your character and at the same time you play as a hero by night.

The game mechanics is quite awesome as well. As a superhero, of course you will have skills that you can use to defeat the enemies. You can create combat moves with the use of your fingers while tapping the screen. Different gestures, with different combat effects.

The game has a single player mode that you can play in campaign. It's more like a story that you get to finish as you play through the game. Aside from that, you can also do multiplayer where you get to play with other characters online and complete missions and quest.

The game is actually good and worth a try. You can play it now since it's out.


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